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Advantages of wall mounted toilet

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1. It is easy to clean; the wall mounted toilet is really easy to clean, but in fact, the ordinary conjoined toilet is also easy to clean, as shown in the following figure:

The base and the water tank have a radian, the brush extends in and brushes a few times to flush the water, which is not difficult to clean. As for the worry that the glass glue will become moldy and black after a long time, in fact, some toilet seats have screw holes, which can be directly fixed by locking anchor screws. However, there are few domestic masters who install this way, because it is too troublesome. But in fact, you can also use other epoxy adhesives, such as real porcelain glue, plastic steel soil, etc., so it is not easy to mold. As for those who are worried that the plug is difficult to remove, you just need to strictly install the method of installing the toilet mentioned in an article I wrote before, and it is absolutely unnecessary to dismantle the toilet. In addition, difficult to remove does not mean that it can not be removed, with a screw driver and hammer patience can be removed.

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2. Save space

In China, most of them are installed on the wall, and then a fake wall is built outside. In fact, this does not save space. On the contrary, the width of ordinary conjoined toilet is about 40, and the false wall of hidden water tank is at least more than 50. The height of ordinary toilet is generally less than 80, and the hidden water tank is generally 82 or 114, which is more waste of space than ordinary toilet. Unless the door hole is left to be truly built into the wall, just like foreigners do the water tank It's the same in the gypsum wall. However, unless the inner wall is not built, the wall needs to be removed, and the door opening should be reserved to build 18 walls, and the angle iron or wall reinforcement should be used to fix it. The process is cumbersome and cumbersome.

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3. noiseless

Most say the water tank is inside the wall, so the sound insulation effect is good. However, the fact is that the wall mounted toilet is a wall row, and the toilet must be made into a spray type. The spray type toilet is driven away by the impact of water. In this way, the water level of the water tank must be high to flush the effect, which will inevitably cause noise. In fact, the siphon toilet with low water tank is the most silent.

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4. Neat and beautiful

If installed properly, it is really simple and beautiful