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installation of a matt color finished wall hung toilet pan

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Detailed installation method of hanging toilet:

The first step is to determine the height of the water tank

There are two kinds of hanging toilets: one is the top press type water tank hanging toilet, the other is the side press type water tank hanging toilet

Top press type water tank hanging toilet: the height of the water tank is a CM according to the thickness of the decorative layer or wall, and the overall height of the foot bottom can be adjusted from the top of the bracket to the bracket is 82 cm + a cm. The bracket adjusting foot can only be adjusted to 20cm at most without special lengthening.

Side press type water tank hanging toilet: the height of the water tank is a CM according to the thickness of the decorative layer. The height from the horizontal line in the white box on the upper part of the bracket to the adjustable foot bottom of the bracket is 100 cm + a cm.


Second, connect the water tank bracket

The water tank bracket is mainly fixed by four screws, two on the upper part of the bracket and two on the support feet; at the same time, all screws on the water tank bracket must be fastened. (during installation, use a level meter to test whether the water tank bracket is installed horizontally).


Third, connect the water pipe

The water inlet of the water tank shall be connected with the indoor water supply pipe (hard pipe) and the water inlet angle valve of the water tank.

Step 4: installation of drain pipe

If the concealed water tank is installed in the original pit, the short pipe connecting the water tank and drainage pipe must be larger than φ 90 to prevent blocking.

Step 5: installation of false wall and protective parts

All protective devices shall be installed before fabrication of false wall and installation of decorative layer. Install the screw protection hose, which is divided into two parts, which are sleeved at the front and rear ends of the screw respectively, to avoid blocking the screw hole when building false wall or installing decorative layer. The surface of light steel keel and water tank support shall be flat, and the position of water tank protection frame, flush pipe, drain pipe and screw shall be reserved on the gypsum board. The gypsum board surface shall be close to the support surface and fixed. The water tank bracket shall be filled with brick or concrete below the elbow of the toilet to prevent the decorative material from cracking when the toilet is used because the gypsum board is not close to the bracket.


Step 6: red brick fixing bracket

Red brick shall be sealed at the edge and gap of the water tank bracket, and red brick wall of about 50mm shall be built in front of the water tank. The positions of the water tank protection frame, flushing pipe, drainage pipe and screw shall be reserved. The minimum thickness of red brick is about 50 mm

Step 7 install the toilet

After the false wall decoration, the tiles have been pasted. The acoustic pad is pasted on the decorative wall, the pipe is measured and cut, and then the toilet is installed according to the screw position. The screw length exceeds the ceramic surface, and the toilet is fixed on the wall. When installing the wall mounted toilet, pay attention to adjust the horizontal position of the toilet, and cut off the redundant acoustic pad after installation.


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